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the team


the team

mamma anna & co. is a project developed by a mother and embraced by a daughter to empower individuals to really get back in control of their bodies, minds and wellbeing in the ultimate effort to live their lives at the best of their capabilities.

And we decided to start by thinking, talking, making genuine food and promoting positive eating habits. Why? After all, food is central in our daily lives and it does have a massive impact on our wellbeing and our planet.



Anna defines herself an “Accidental Chef” as her life and career has been mainly focused on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

She worked as a heart surgery technician in operating theaters and patients’ recovery. She is also an accredited Shiatsu and oriental medicine consultant and she run her own studio in Milan.

Because of her passion for cooking, she started working alongside top chefs in Italy. “Food is the foundation of healthy living” she always says “and Mamma Anna & Co. is my dream and mission: empowering people to build and maintain their own wellbeing”.



Being a “wellbeing advocate” herself, embracing her mother’s dream has been a natural step for Giulia.

During her working experience at Novartis she focussed on the promotion of research and prevention initiatives with a CSR and intercultural perspective. She is also a graduate in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication (English & Japanese studies) and she has a Msc in International Management with a dissertation about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business ethics.

“Mamma Anna & Co. is my contribution in shaping a new positive model of doing business, with caring for people and for the environment as its core”.