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to become your own Chef



to become your own Chef

Come and join us in a journey through the authentic Italian cookery where you will learn traditional recipes, how to choose the perfect ingredients and tricks about food pairing. You will prepare everything from scratch and bring home all of what you've cooked to impress family and friends.

Our cookery classes are designed to be informative and hands on. Perfect for everyone who's looking to develop new artisanal skills and learn authentic recipes while having fun in a small class (up to four people only!). So, whether you are a beginner or a kitchen pro, you will always find something for you.

Price start from only £40 and it comprises of all ingredients, materials, consumables and vat.


Classes run on Saturdays from 4:30pm to 6pm and on Sundays from noon to 1:30pm (but please allow for up to 15' overrun). We can accommodate up to 4 people

You can book your class at the shop, by dropping us an email at operations@mamma-anna.co.uk or by using the link below. If you have any dietary requirement please specify them on the booking form.


We would love to organize something with you and just for you!

Contact us to know more about our bespoke cookery classes (min. 3 people)

more classes and dates to come...stay tuned!


Would you like to book a cookery class as a gift? We have vouchers for all our classes, which can be used within 3 months from the purchasing date. Contact us (operations@mamma-anna.co.uk) or pop in at our shop to learn more.

Cancellation Policy:

In the unfortunate event you need to change the date of your class, or cancel your booking, we can try and accommodate this up to five days before the class, offering you to reschedule it within a month. However, for last minute cancellations and no shows, please understand that it is not possible for us to refund or reschedule your ticket.

More about our classes

Aperitif Cookery Class (£40):

Come and learn how to prepare from scratch a selection of sweet & savoury Italian canapés or tapas for an enjoyable party with friends! But... Aperitif also means delicious cocktails and we will present you one that will definitely impress your guests.

Schermata 2017-05-20 alle 12.36.03.png

Desserts Cookery Class (£45):

Welcome to the delicious world of Mamma Anna and Co. when it comes to pastry! You will prepare a selection of delicious mini cakes or biscuits and be revealed those little tricks that add a dying for touch to your recipes. At the end of the class you will enjoy a delicious herbal infusion tea.

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Pasta Cookery Class (£50):

Dedicated to pasta lovers! You'll be revealed all the tricks to prepare delicious egg & flour or semolina pasta from scratch. And for the brave ones... unbeatable ravioli! At the end of the class you will enjoy a complimentary glass of wine.

Bread Baking Cookery Class (£40):

Preparing your own homemade bread has never been so easy! By the end of this class you will master the basics of focaccia or pizza baking. You will also be explained the different flours, yeast and kneading methods. Plus, you will bring home extra dough to bake more awesome recipes!

Main Dish Cookery Class (£50):

During this class you will unlock the ultimate secrets behind some of the most famous Italian traditional recipes. Think of gnocchi, meatloaf, risotto or vegetarian quiches. At the end of the class you will enjoy a complimentary glass of wine.



What they say about our classes
I cant recommend Mamma Anna & Co enough. If you fancy cooking up an Italian storm, make sure you book your class place, or if you are super lazy like me, then just pop in for one Anna made earlier.
— Laura Hyatt, Heroine in Heels
I left the class feeling suitably full, and more importantly like I had actually learnt something. But the most surprising thing was still to come when later on that evening, at a rather drunken house party; our Pasqualina was eaten more quickly than a tipsy-food staple, Dominos pizza.
— foodepedia.co.uk
It was a truly memorable day!
— Nasrin (family event)
I was amazed at how much we learnt during our short lesson. I had tried making pasta before from instructions from a book and the results were just so different. It was a really special thing to have guidance from an Italian family who have such great experience making pasta over the years. I’m sure now we’ll be making pasta regularly. You made it seem so much easier.
— Emma (cookery class guest)
Thank you so much for your exceptional cooking class! It was fantastic, you were a brilliant teacher, very patient; I learnt so much.
— Ellie (cookery class guest)
One of the best cooking classes I have ever attended. The family who work here are so friendly, helpful and modest. I have now been twice and each time the food made is something that can be replicated at home - I am now able to say that I can confidently make ravioli in a tortellini shape. The experience as a whole is well worth the money, especially since it ends by enjoying a complimentary glass of wine with the food you make that afternoon. Would (and have) recommend(ed) to anyone and everyone!
— Sophie (cookery class guest)