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We are absolutely in love with the Mediterranean diet! With its seasonal, nutritionally balanced & mainly vegetarian recipes, we are proud to prepare only genuine food. For you, to rediscover the pleasure of healthy living.

Whether you are looking for an effortless meal to enjoy in the comfort of your home, or a relaxing place for a delicious meal and a cup of coffee, at mamma anna & co. you will always find something for you.

The recipes you will taste are handmade using only fresh and natural ingredients. Our ravioli are literately hand folded one by one! With vegetarian friendly dishes, meat-lovers classics & essentials (perfect to add that touch to your recipes) you just need to pick your favorite!

Pop in to try an amazing coffee wood roasted by hand in Tuscany. Or to discover a wine list where small and sustainable producers are the protagonists. Just something for you, to enjoy very good quality Italian wine and coffee at a great price.

Browse our seasonal menu below. We don't style our food pictures, what you see is what you get. No tricks no gimmicks, just like our recipes!