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Why do you call yourself a Laboratory? 

The word laboratory actually comes from the latin word laborare 'to labour' a working task that can only be performed by human hands, not machines. And from where we are from laboratory is the physical place where human labour happens, where things are created and moulded from scratch.


Why do sell some recipes by weight?

We do it because we think is fairer. We don't like to force standard portions on our customers, we are a craft shop where you can expect to decide how much you want of what you want. This approach limits waste, overcharging and makes us sleep better at night knowing we are not tricking our customers.


Why don't you always have my favourite recipes in stock?

We make all the food we sell ourselves, there might be many reasons why a recipe hasn't been in stock for a short period of time, perhaps our suppliers have been late or we couldn't source the right quality of ingredients needed to reach our standards. We will make sure to tell you when a product won't be in stock for good, in the meanwhile bare with us.


Is all of your food organic?

All of our meat supplies are free range and organic, our dairy is all free range and for the great majority organic as well but not all of what we sell is organic. We tend to focus more on quality than labels, and if we believe a product and its producer are viable even without an organic EC certification we won't refrain from using it.


Are you expensive?

We spend countless hours measuring like for like recipe prices against our competitors. We do this to ensure that we are never expensive in our segment. We are aware that the quality of our recipes can out price some budgets, however, If you are working around a budget you should let us know ahead of time, we can guide you to get the most value out of your pound.