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MA Gluten Free Carrot, Almond & Amaretto Cake.jpg
MA Gluten Free Carrot, Almond & Amaretto Cake.jpg

made to delight

anytime, anywhere. Only for you


made to delight

anytime, anywhere. Only for you

Whether you are organizing a party to remember, an intimate dinner to impress or simply you want to offer your Guests something special, let us help!

With a great selection of delicious genuine recipes, from appetizers to mains and desserts, we will do the hard work for you so that you can just relax and fully enjoy the party.

Browse our menu* below for inspiration. But if you don't find what you have in mind, just let us know. We would love to make your party even more special with a mouthwatering personalized offering.

For more ideas or to design the perfect menu, fill in the form below or just pop in at the shop!

Name *

Need some inspiration? Below our suggestion for...


"Irresistible Picks to Party"

- 6 people -

Italian Cicchetti aperitif platter (serves about 6 people - £28)

Chef's selection of roasted vegetables (serves about 6 people - £16)

Assortment of cupcakes (serves about 6 people - £20)

- Total price per guest: £10.66 -


"Easy Dinner with Friends"

- 6 people - 

Burrata (2 pieces serves up to 6 people - £8) & mini Parmesan and nuts biscuits (30 pieces - £7)

Stuffed squids with herbs cooked Mediterranean style (serves about 6 people - £33)

Luxurious roasted vegetables with juicy dried fruits & nuts (serves about 6 people - £16)

Caprese Cake (serves about 8 people - £30)

- Total price per guest: £15.60 -

... & to drink have a look at our wine list!

* we try our best but please understand that price and availability may vary.