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MA- 2015 Shopfront.jpg
MA- 2015 Shopfront.jpg

We Make Food


We Make Food


An open letter to our Patrons

Back in October 2013 we started this adventure. October is also my mothers’ birthday and the same month my father passed a few years back. I owe this letter to them and the values they taught me.

When we first started this business we were hopeful and full of goodwill, sure that we would never do anything harmful or wrong against anyone.

At the time we signed this lease we were aware that the shop conditions were not perfect but with the help of our contractors and guidance from the council we made sure that this place was suitable for running a food business up to the very best of health and safety standards.

What we didn’t know at the time was that this building was affected by structural issues aggravated by lack of care and inappropriate repairs carried over through the years by unqualified technicians. No one warned us until it was too late and impossible to hide the problem.

I know that this may sound unreal to some of you. But as Italians, it was impossible to imagine that here in the UK anyone could put a property with structural problems on the market for rent without any kind of supervision by local authorities.

We’ve put our trust, our dreams, our faith, our laughs, our tears, ours sweat, our capabilities, our knowledge, our efforts to do the best that we could in this business.

We stuck to the goal of making good from the very beginning until we were forced to shut due to the aforementioned structural problems that made the property an unsafe environment for us and our patrons.

On the 22nd of October 2018, after 412 days of uncertainties and misleading information our Freeholders unilaterally decided to forfeit our lease without prior warning.

We did everything in our power to ensure the safety of the property and to accommodate their requests, despite the consequences that the situation forced on our business.

Is what we are doing the right thing? One million times yes! We could not in any way go against ours principles and put people’s health and safety at risk.

It was a very long and stressful journey to come to this point. 412 days long and sadly our adventure is now over. However, my aim with this letter is:

To thank my daughter Giulia: "without you I could not go through all of it"

To thank Marco, my left arm, whose knowledge and experience helped us very much

To thank All of you who supported us

To thank All our kind and faithful Clientele

To thank everybody who walked in just saying hello

To thank our Neighbours

To thank who understood what we were doing: not just food but "food and more"

To thank our Suppliers

To thank our Contractor Bluecrow Project who did the renovation and forgot to mention hidden structural issues

To thank the Council that at the time was in charge as a supervisor of the renovation works and who didn't say a word either.

To thank our Freeholders who forced us to stay on hold for 412 long days. What does not kill you, makes you stronger!

          020 7998 7977

          3 Charleville Road, W14 9JL